After Kimmel Mocks Trump On Late Night TV – The FCC Makes Jimmy Pay With A Major Fine

After Kimmel Mocks Trump On Late Night TV – The FCC Makes Jimmy Pay With A Major Fine

Jimmy crossed the line, and now he’s got to pay up!

Among all the late-night hosts out there, Jimmy Kimmel seems to love attacking President Trump the most.

Maybe he’s in a tie with Stephen Colbert, but at least Colbert didn’t do this.

One of Kimmel’s jabs at the president is actually costing his network big time.

Kimmel went out of his way to mock the president’s emergency alert system.

His show actually used the FCC’s emergency alert tone as part of the joke. Turns out, that’s no joking matter.

And the FCC is taking it very seriously—they’re making ABC pay up!

From Hollywood Reporter:

A Jimmy Kimmel Live! bit making fun of President Donald Trump is going to cost ABC $395,000, as the FCC is cracking down on use of the emergency alert tone in entertainment.

The network agreed to pay a fine to the agency after late-night host Jimmy Kimmel in October used a simulated tone during a monologue about the nationwide presidential wireless emergency alert test.

Woah. Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Trump and his emergency alert system using the real alert tone—turns out that’s against the law.

So ABC just got hit with a $395,000 fine.


You see, if TV shows or movies just used that alert whenever they wanted, it might confuse viewers.

That alert is only used when real emergencies are happening. So, when you hear it, you know it’s for real.

I guess Hollywood doesn’t care about emergencies. They thought they could use this official tone for their cheap jokes at Trump’s expense.

But that joke ended up being very expensive.

The FCC takes these things very seriously. Imagine if that tone was used all the time in movies and TV shows?

You would kind of get used to hearing it. So, when it really sounded during an emergency, you might not be very concerned.

That’s unacceptable. And for a show to do that—to make fun of the president—is pretty low.

I’d like to say that perhaps Jimmy learned an important lesson in all this. But who am I kidding?

At least he will no longer jeopardize Americans by using that tone.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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