After Schiff Sends Trump His Wish List – White House Sends Back A Big Pile Of Coal

After Schiff Sends Trump His Wish List – White House Sends Back A Big Pile Of Coal

Adam didn’t think Donald would dare – here it comes!

Democrats haven’t learned a thing. Don’t mess with Trump.

They banked on taking down the president over a whistleblower’s complaint. But Trump turned the tables on them when he released the transcript.

Democrats know they got nothing, but they keep up this charade.

Adam Schiff continues his bogus hearings. He’s even subpoenaed White House staff.

What does he expect to learn? This is all just a big show for the fake news.

President Trump is not having it. So, he just shut Schiff’s show down.

From Fox News:

Four White House witnesses called before House committees on Monday as part of the impeachment inquiry of President Trump are expected to defy subpoenas, Fox News is told…

All four witnesses are facing subpoenas, but Trump has limited cooperation with the probe, as he publicly rails against Democrats for how they’ve conducted it.

Four White House staffers have defied subpoenas sent to them by Adam Schiff and his bogus inquiry.

It’s obvious this inquisition is not about finding the truth, but trying to frame the president.

The White House said they would only cooperate if the Democrat followed established rules.

Schiff and Pelosi are not. They refuse to give Trump due process, promised to every American.

They refuse to reveal the identity of the whistleblower, making a defense impossible.

They conduct closed-door meetings and think they can strongarm Trump’s staff into turning on him.

You don’t have to be a genius to see Democrats are insulting every last American value by running this witch hunt.

They are ignoring the plain fact that Trump did nothing wrong.

Yet they continue to try to push around the president’s staff, as if they had some kind of authority!

The reality is, they can’t do a thing to Trump’s people if they refuse to show up. This isn’t a real investigation, but a game being played by Schiff and the media.

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