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Jennifer Aniston: “I and all the Trump supporter celebrities decided to make a pro-Trump company named “Celebrities For Trump,”

Jennifer Aniston: “I and all the Trump supporter celebrities decided to make a pro-Trump company named “Celebrities For Trump,” which will fight against all anti-Trump celebrities, I think President Trump needs our support”

Another Trump’s celebrity supporter, Tim Allen, discussed the hypocrisy of Hollywood liberals, who he noted constantly complained about Trump being a “bully,” but now are the ones doing the bullying of the tiny minority of Trump supporters who work alongside them.

“What I find odd in Hollywood is that they didn’t like Trump because he was a bully. But if you had any kind of inkling that you were for Trump, you got bullied for doing that. And … it gets a little bit hypocritical to me,”

On the other hand, actress Zoe Saldana thinks bullying from Hollywood helped Trump pull off his surprise win in November.

“We got cocky and became arrogant and we also became bullies,” Saldana told AFP. “We were trying to single out a man for all these things he was doing wrong… and that created empathy in a big group of people in America that felt bad for him and that are believing in his promises.”

Either way, there is no question about our President being a victim of Hollywood’s bullying, but some of them want it stopped.

Hanoi Jane Fonda Arrested In Washington D.C.

Hanoi Jane Fonda was just arrested in Washington D.C. signaling a new round of protests for the aging social justice warrior.

Fonda earlier had promised she would start getting involved in more direct actions and recently moved to Washington to follow through on her pledge.

She vowed to get arrested if she had to and it looks like she meant it as she just got cuffed and stuffed.

From The Hollywood Reporter: The actress was demonstrating on the Capitol with the group Oil Change International.

After pledging to hold weekly demonstrations over climate change, Jane Fonda was arrested on Friday as she was among those protesting in Washington, D.C. on the Capitol. Video of the actress being placed in handcuffs and escorted to a police vehicle was posted to social media.

“Today, the United States Capitol Police arrested 16 individuals for unlawfully demonstrating on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol,” Eva Malecki, spokeswoman for the Capitol police told The Hollywood Reporter. All were charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding, she said.

The actress was protesting with the group Oil Change International over the climate crisis. “I will be on the Capitol every Friday, rain or shine, inspired and emboldened by the incredible movement our youth have created,” Fonda wrote on her own website on Thursday.

Fonda has been a political activist for decades and a stanch opponent of oil developments.

Trump Takes $60 Million From Democrat Stronghold – New Rule Strips Them Of Their Funds

They made a big mistake – now Donald is taking millions back!

In case you missed it—President Trump is sick and tired of endless tax dollars going to waste. He’s especially opposed to sending tax dollars to programs millions of Americans hate.

Already throughout his administration, he’s tightened the budget. He’s cut off funding to many groups that waste dollars and even harm Americans.

But still, millions upon millions of dollars have gone to a major Democrat stronghold for years. Other Republican leaders have tried to stop them and failed.

President Trump is about to succeed by cutting off their funding with a new rule. And in a matter of days, this rule is about to go into effect.

From CBN:

Planned Parenthood is set to lose $60 million in the coming days, because of a Trump administration rule forbidding federal funds going to any family planning programs that refer patients for abortion.

The nation’s largest abortion provider has been in the Title X program for decades and receives almost $60 million in funding from the program each year.

Boom! Planned Parenthood is going to lose $60 million, thanks to a new rule from President Trump.

PP got millions every year, thanks to a Title X program that provides federal funds to clinics for women’s health.

But Trump’s new rule forbids any healthcare provider that received funds from referring patients for abortions.

That means Planned Parenthood—who solely focuses on abortions—is about to lose a big chunk of their funding.

Trump wasn’t being unreasonable. He gave Title X recipients plenty of time to adjust their programming in order to keep receiving funds.

The president wants Americans in need to receive support. But he does not want American tax dollars going to the extermination of unborn children.

Seems pretty reasonable to me.

Planned Parenthood can still operate, just without these funds. That’s not a big problem for an organization that receives millions from private liberal donors.

But Americans can be thankful that Trump is moving forward with his pro-life goals. He’s making sure your tax dollars aren’t going to a barbaric and outdated practice that ends the lives of countless Americans.

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Source: CBN

After Pelosi And Schiff Botch Impeachment – President Trump Calls For Them To Be Impeached

Nancy and Adam messed up bad – and now Donald wants them to pay up!

It turns out Pelosi and Schiff probably knew about the whistleblower beforehand.

Now they’re playing fast and loose with the rules to impeach Trump without a vote to protect red state Dems.

But the worst part of it all?

Schiff’s made-up Trump call, and Pelosi having the gall to claim he didn’t make it up.

So Trump is making the call we’ve been waiting for. From Twitter:

“Nancy Pelosi knew of all of the many Shifty Adam Schiff lies and massive frauds perpetrated upon Congress and the American people, in the form of a fraudulent speech knowingly delivered as a ruthless con, and the illegal meetings with a highly partisan “Whistleblower” & lawyer…”

And then Donald finished big:

“….This makes Nervous Nancy every bit as guilty as Liddle’ Adam Schiff for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and even Treason. I guess that means that they, along with all of those that evilly “Colluded” with them, must all be immediately Impeached!”

Trump really spent them spinning!

What has Trump done? Well, they don’t have evidence to prove he pressured Ukraine for Biden dirt, but he has plenty of evidence he didn’t.

But he has evidence these two actually conspired to impeach the President on trumped-up charges.

Maybe they can’t technically be “impeached” as members of Congress, but they can be recalled and removed for what they’ve done.

But it’s going to take an outcry from the American people.

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Source: Twitter, Fox News

Trump Hires Trey Gowdy To Help Fight Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Effort

President Trump just made a smart legal hire to shut down Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment dreams – Trey Gowdy.

The rumors were swirling today after Gowdy was spotted at the White House and now they have been confirmed.

Gowdy will not formally join the White House staff, but will instead focus on defending Trump from the impending impeachment trial.

Wow. Good news for Trump, bad news for Pelosi and Schumer as Gowdy has extensive experience as a trial lawyer and contacts in Washington. And he knows how to fight the DC way.

From Yahoo:

Donald Trump has enlisted former Representative Trey Gowdy to work with the White House team combating the U.S. House’s impeachment inquiry into the president, people familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

Gowdy, a former prosecutor from South Carolina, is not formally joining the White House staff, according to the people. He was at the White House on Tuesday, according to one person who saw him there, before an eight-page letter was issued to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declaring that Trump and the administration wouldn’t participate in the impeachment inquiry.

Gowdy rose to prominence leading a special House panel investigating the attacks on an American diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, while Hillary Clinton was secretary of State.

The committee’s more than two-year-long investigation concluded in June 2016, in the thick of the presidential campaign, without substantiating any criminal behavior or misconduct by Obama administration officials. The probe was derided by Democrats as a political stunt intended to damage Clinton’s presidential campaign.

As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, Gowdy also helped manage the panel’s investigation into Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election.

After Kimmel Mocks Trump On Late Night TV – The FCC Makes Jimmy Pay With A Major Fine

Jimmy crossed the line, and now he’s got to pay up!

Among all the late-night hosts out there, Jimmy Kimmel seems to love attacking President Trump the most.

Maybe he’s in a tie with Stephen Colbert, but at least Colbert didn’t do this.

One of Kimmel’s jabs at the president is actually costing his network big time.

Kimmel went out of his way to mock the president’s emergency alert system.

His show actually used the FCC’s emergency alert tone as part of the joke. Turns out, that’s no joking matter.

And the FCC is taking it very seriously—they’re making ABC pay up!

From Hollywood Reporter:

A Jimmy Kimmel Live! bit making fun of President Donald Trump is going to cost ABC $395,000, as the FCC is cracking down on use of the emergency alert tone in entertainment.

The network agreed to pay a fine to the agency after late-night host Jimmy Kimmel in October used a simulated tone during a monologue about the nationwide presidential wireless emergency alert test.

Woah. Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Trump and his emergency alert system using the real alert tone—turns out that’s against the law.

So ABC just got hit with a $395,000 fine.


You see, if TV shows or movies just used that alert whenever they wanted, it might confuse viewers.

That alert is only used when real emergencies are happening. So, when you hear it, you know it’s for real.

I guess Hollywood doesn’t care about emergencies. They thought they could use this official tone for their cheap jokes at Trump’s expense.

But that joke ended up being very expensive.

The FCC takes these things very seriously. Imagine if that tone was used all the time in movies and TV shows?

You would kind of get used to hearing it. So, when it really sounded during an emergency, you might not be very concerned.

That’s unacceptable. And for a show to do that—to make fun of the president—is pretty low.

I’d like to say that perhaps Jimmy learned an important lesson in all this. But who am I kidding?

At least he will no longer jeopardize Americans by using that tone.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

Leaked Photos Of Dem Rep With NAZI-Era Tattoo And Smoking Bong Rock Washington D.C.

Katie Hill will never survive the latest round of leaked photos and she ought to just pack it in now.

What in the hell is going on with the Democrats? They got Ilhan Omar wrecking families all over the beltway and now this Katie Hill turns out to be sleeping with half her staff?

But then it got worse – new leaked photos show her smoking a bong with her lover but shockingly show she has a Nazi-era tattoo.

From The Daily Mail:

Shocking photographs of Democrat Katie Hill posing naked with a tattoo of a Nazi-era Iron Cross on her bikini line while smoking a bong and making out with her young female aide have been obtained exclusively by

The congresswoman, 32, was also pictured naked brushing the young woman’s hair, who can identity as Morgan Desjardins, 24, from Santa Clarita, California.

Desjardins began a relationship with Hill and Helsep shortly after she started working for Hill in 2017, before the three-way affair broke down this summer when Hill told both her husband and her lover that she wanted to focus on her work.

Hill’s wild lifestyle has been laid bare in a cache of texts and intimate photographs obtained by, as sources revealed Hill and Helsep also posted her naked photos online under a thread called ‘WouldYouF**kMyWife’.

One of the most scandalous photographs, shows a naked Hill holding a giant bong filled with a murky brown liquid.

Metadata from the picture reveals it was taken on 9/11 in 2017, before marijuana was legalized for recreational consumption in California.

It is unclear whether the congresswoman had a medical license for the drug at the time.

The picture also shows an iron cross tattoo on Hill’s pubic area, similar to the symbols formerly used by white supremacists referencing a World War II Nazi medal.

Hill’s iron cross tattoo on her pubic area is similar to the symbols formerly used white supremacists referencing a World War II Nazi medal (pictured)

Hill’s iron cross tattoo on her pubic area is similar to the symbols formerly used white supremacists referencing a World War II Nazi medal (pictured)

The tattoo could open the congresswoman to accusations of hypocrisy.

She has criticized racist Facebook posts that included a similar-looking cross, posted by a Santa Clarita veteran who was featured in her political rival’s campaign adverts last year.

Protester Spits In Trump Supporter’s Face During Interview Last Night, Trump Fan Shows Grace and Class In Response

President Trump held another massive and raucous rally last night but this time he went into enemy territory to make his speech.

Trump narrowly lost Minnesota last year, it was the only rust belt state that did not flip, and he wants to flip it this election.

If he does he makes the map very hard for Biden or Warren or whomever the left sacrifices in 2020.

Trump was met with the usual protesters but in a shocker for anyone who knows how nice people from Minnesota are, the goons on the left were nasty from start to finish.

They grabbed MAGA hats from the heads of Trump supporters and burned them in a pile. They harassed the police and generally made asses of themselves.

But this one video caught the worst off it – during an interview with Vice News some goon literally spit in the face of a Trump supporter.

The man stayed calm and showed true grace and class – a few protesters came to his defense to say how disrespectful that was but this shows you these people are not rational.

What happened to an open society of free ideas where we all debate calmly and respectfully?

From Vice News:

Trump Beats Pelosi’s Impeachment Bluff – Turns Out She Probably Doesn’t Have The Votes, Cancels Formal Vote

Nancy played chicken – and just lost to ‘The Donald.’

Pelosi has been backing an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. Her allies have even subpoenaed White House staff—all to find dirt on the president.

But last week, Trump called Pelosi’s bluff. In a letter, he brutally condemned House Democrats’ impeachment push.

He called them out for refusing to hold a vote in the full House over it. In fact, he said he and his staff will not comply until the entire House voted in favor of the inquiry.

Well, it looks like Nancy has made up her mind.

From Biz Pac Review:

The California Democrat confirmed to reporters on Tuesday that “at this time,” an official vote on the House impeachment inquiry was not going to be held.

“She doesn’t have the votes,” Fox News host Sean Hannity announced following reports of Pelosi’s comments.

What do ya know? Nancy Pelosi was about to have full House vote on impeachment but quickly changed direction.

She told reporters that “at this time,” they would not be voting on the House impeachment inquiry.

Really, Nance? You do realize that every impeachment in our history began with at least a vote on an inquiry.

How can you honestly run this process—which will affect every American—without at least letting the entire House vote on it?

This is a democracy after all. Why deny the House a chance to approve it?

Perhaps, as Hannity stated, she just doesn’t have the votes.

Maybe, just maybe, she had the votes right when the whistleblower complaint came out. When the media frenzy was at its highest, she probably could have gotten all Democrats to vote on the inquiry.

But now, as we learn that the whistleblower’s complaint was less than accurate, that might not be the case.

There are more than a few Democrats in red, Trump-loving states. They are vulnerable, big time. If they vote to back impeachment in any form, they might lose their jobs.

If Pelosi held a vote today, many of those Democrats might vote no.

What does that tell you about voting to actually impeach the president? I think a snowball would have a better chance in Hell.

Now Pelosi’s in a big pickle. President Trump hasn’t changed his stance. He won’t provide anything until the House holds a vote.

Can Schiff and co. even get anything done? Probably not.

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Source: Biz Pac Review

Pelosi Makes Impeachment Slip On Live TV – Admits ‘The Voters Are Not Going to Decide,’ Congress Is

Nancy tried to keep it in – but she can’t take it back now!

As a long-standing member of Congress, Nancy Pelosi claims she’s just doing the will of the American people.

I mean, that’s what all congressmen are supposed to do, right?

But with all this impeachment talk, it’s hard to see if that’s what Pelosi is really after. The most accurate polls show that many Americans are against impeachment.

They have been against it from the very start.

So, it seems that Pelosi is pushing an agenda that goes against what the people want.

When asked about this, she openly admits it.

From Breitbart:

On Thursday at her weekly press briefing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the American people were “not going to decide” if President Donald Trump should be impeached…

A reporter asked, “At what point might you say let’s just let the voters decide.”

Pelosi said, “The voters are not going to decide whether we honor our oath of office. They already decided that in the last election.”

When asked about why she is pushing impeachment, Pelosi said the voters are not allowed to decide the outcome.

She rambled on for some time about the Constitution. Pelosi made the same tired talking points against the president.

Points, that quite frankly, make me like him more. She complained that Trump refuses to push climate change, take away our guns, or support Dreamers (even though Pelosi is the one who refused to work with him on that one).

She then said it was her duty to impeach Trump. Even if that violated the will of the people.

But does not support her party’s causes make a president impeachable? Sorry, Nance, but just because Trump doesn’t march to the left’s tune doesn’t give you the right to impeach him.

All the things you listed aren’t crimes. They are what a conservative, America-first president focuses on.

He’s not interested in pushing your pet platform—a platform that completely ignores the issues facing real Americans.

Only far-left Democrats care about what you care about Nancy. And that’s far from the majority of this country.

You might want to ignore us when you push your bogus impeachment, but I promise you—we’re watching.

And these insignificant voters are going to make you sorry you pushed this charade.

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Source: Breitbart