Democrat Lawmaker And Daughter Caught – Both Are Facing Federal Wire Charges

Democrat Lawmaker And Daughter Caught – Both Are Facing Federal Wire Charges

Why is it that whenever we turn over a rock, we find Democrats embroiled in some scandal?

Today we’ve learned that yet another child of a liberal politician was cashing in on their parent’s job.

The left, including their allies in the media, have constantly accused Donald Trump and his children of corruption.

Daily they make wild accusations against the one man making America great again.

But, what we actually see are numerous Democrats caught in a web of their own making.

This time, it’s a Democrat state lawmaker and her daughter.

From Washington Examiner:

The daughter of a former Democratic state lawmaker in Maryland is accused of taking money from her mother’s campaign for personal use.

Anitra Edmond, who served as the campaign treasurer for her mother, former Maryland delegate Tawanna Gaines, was charged with federal wire fraud on Monday. The charge comes less than two weeks after Gaines pleaded guilty to the same charge.


A former Maryland delegate, Tawanna Gaines plead guilty to committing a serious financial crime. Now, her daughter is being accused of the same thing: taking money from her campaign for personal use.

Government officials seem to overlook a host of sins on the part of politicians.

But don’t mess with campaign money.

That’s the one thing they’ll nail you on, every time.

Recently, we’ve seen a few well-known Democrats sticking their fingers in the cookie jar. So far, they have skirted consequences.

But not Gaines and her daughter.

Both are in the spotlight for taking money that did not belong to them.

There seems to be a pattern within the Democratic Party of children benefiting off their parents’ connections. So much so, we have to wonder if it creates a serious conflict of interest.

I mean, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Waters and others have kids that cashed out—because their parents are big-name Democrats.

Is serving the public just a get-rich-quick scheme?

It is, in the case of Gaines and her offspring.

This family is taking the fall for what they did. But what about all the others? When will we see every last Democrat pay the price for their wrongdoings?

Hopefully soon.

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