President Trump Blindsides Congress – Drops Executive Hammer On Top Democrat Leaders

President Trump Blindsides Congress – Drops Executive Hammer On Top Democrat Leaders

Donald has had enough – Congress never saw him coming.

After two years of the expensive Russia investigations, Democrats came up with nothing on Trump—but now the Democrats are really going too far.

Democrats wanted to ride that hunt all the way to impeachment.

And now Democrats are refusing to admit defeat. They are trying drum up more drama just to cripple Trump’s chances at reelection.

But President Trump is done messing around with these clowns—he’s not playing nice anymore.

From MSN:

The White House plans to fight a subpoena issued by the House Judiciary Committee for former White House counsel Donald McGahn to testify, according to people familiar with the matter, setting up another showdown in the aftermath of the special counsel report.

Trump is dropping his executive hammer on top Democrat leaders. They are really trying to subpoena more people, after the Mueller investigation is done?


So Trump is using executive privilege, which he never used during the Mueller probe, and he’s blocking their latest scheme.

It’s obvious Democrats are trying to find new people to con. This time it’s McGahn, next time it will be someone else.

They want to find someone, anyone that is willing to say Trump did something wrong.

But enough is enough. Trump let the Mueller probe go on, just so it would clear his name. Now all that Democrats are doing is playing games.

We aren’t paying these politicians to play games.

Trump doesn’t have to let them undermine his administration just to score points. He’s striking back. And Democrats better be worried.

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