Robert De Niro issues warning to Donald Trump supporters

Robert De Niro issues warning to Donald Trump supporters

Robert De Niro was the first guest on the premiere of The Alec Baldwin Show on ABC. While there, he expressed concern for the many Republican politicians who continue to support Donald Trump in spite of the things he has said and done.

De Niro said, “Many of these people who are tied to Trump are going to be tainted for the rest of their lives.” Many politicians, like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham did not initially support a Trump nomination in the GOP, but have since heavily supported the president’s agenda regardless of whether it is morally or fiscally sound.

For the supporters of Trump, De Niro warned, “They think they want to be with him and it’s going to make them something but they are paying such a price making a deal with the Devil, it’s scary.”

De Niro has long been an outspoken critic of Trump, in fact he made a video prior to the 2016 election in which he urged people to vote in hopes of avoiding a Trump presidency.

While Trump may have the backing of many in the GOP, the two-time Academy Award winning actor said he can see right through Trump’s act. “I know what he is and he knows what he is, cause everything he says about other people – you’re a loser, you’re a this, you’re a that, is everything you’re saying about yourself,” said De Niro. He added, “He’s so transparent he’s projecting.”

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    Your a dick, you look like a sick and you are the biggest Butt head that I ever knew. I hate you and Mr. Trump is more of a man that you will ever be. Leave My president a lone and keep your fat mouth shut.

    I agree with you Leave our PRESIDENT alone the Delvil is what you guys are Tom Se to you Hollywood creeps are the ones holding your tickets to meet SATAN STAY IN YOUR HOLLYWOOD WORLD AND LET OUR PRESIDENT FIX OUR BROKEN AMERICA.

    His eyes have no conviction, no strength. Drugged, boozed, maybe both. Has no will, not even to look evil. Just old and weak. This tells me that he is mentally deluded, living in a delusional world he does not want to pass, but everything does. Holding on to a time which has gone, it only exists in his mind, and in the minds of those wishing to bow to that long-dead false God, that used to be Robert DeNiro. The anger he shows, is not so much against the President. It’s the anger of frustration, leading to aggression. He was tops, he could have done what Trump has done. He could have been the actor that conquered the world. Being a movie crime boss, can be confusing, when you try to act like that in today’s world. The reality of enforcing your will, does not work for a man like you. You have the anger, but cherish your good life, and perceived, lofty position, too much to do anything overly harsh. You talk like a killer, and you may have initiated one or two, but are you willing to run a criminal organization of murderers, and psychopaths? ..of course you may… but would you? Are you so far gone, that you cannot see, that you are astounding people, and disappointing us, when we see your peculiar, anger and hatred toward another person. Do you realize that we are seeing the man, and we know it is not an act. You are fast losing the respect that you crave. I used to like to see your face, now I get a bad feeling, and know that there is less and less to believe in, in today’s world.

    This man is so ridiculous. The only thing he has any credibility on is play acting, which I could do at the age of 4, and getting paid an absurd amount for being able to play. He knows nothing about the issues, and he turns my stomach. So DiNiro, what’s really scary isn’t what you tell us is scary, it’s the fact that anyone even gives your ignorant self a platform to speak to people. Grow up, wise up and leave us all alone.


    De Nero, you’ve got to be one of the DUMBEST actors I know. Can’t stand you anymore. You’re so anti Trump, you make me vomit

    And you can’t see true you people made off stone and you should hear what come out off that mouth .Your a wash out actors like most off you wound to be .it over for You and I have been a Democrat for over 50 years no more .8 years of nothing enough was long enough

    Robert DeNaro you are a stupid Democrat who elected muslims into out Government offices, voted abortion legal after the baby is out of the womb, put eligal immigrants ahead of our VETERANS and our SENIORS. You and your stupid Democrats are trying your best to Destroy America.

    I would only add to your list more who are forgotten while giving priority to illegals, and that is basically all American citizens. Tent cities over running the state are filled with men, women, and children is all the proof needed

    DiNiro first of all you need to learn how to spell. You are a washed up nothing like a swamp dweller. Trump can work rings around you. What with all your honest earned money have you done for this country?? I can answer that, NOTHING. CRAWL BACK IN YOUR SHIT HOLE WORLD OF FANTASY!! You are Satan

    Who do u think u can give orders to u arent anything but a has been washed up actorand i dont go by HOLLYWOODS. STANDARDS. OR ACTORS. I GO BY Gods word and laws the Holy Bible. And im for family values and morals not filthy hollywood.u are not anybodys boss. I dont watch any of ur movies or support anything of the bad hollywood. Most of u actors ans actressess are not anything but idoits and liberals and no sense or family values or good sense. I dont listen to hollywood liberals trying to tell me how to vote or tell me how to live my life.

    Bob, you fail to identify, with any specifics, what you find at fault with our president. You imply “morally or fiscally sound” problems with the president’s direction. He is pro-life and against abortion. How is that morally wrong? President Trump has stimulated some of the strongest economic recovery and decreases in unemployment. How is that fiscally unsound? You elude that the GOP is making a “deal with the Devil”. All these accusations with no supporting data, evidence or even reference to the failed attempt by democrats to tie President Trump into some Russian conspiracy. My recommendation is to keep to yourself and hold your tongue for acting.

    Mr. Di Niro
    What happened to the days when Hollywood actors and actresses had class!! I use to be a big fan of yours! Now I’m thinking most of you people should quit trying to be preachers. America has become divided by (YOU PEOPLE). Go back home call your agent let them know you’ve been off your meds but you’ll start taking them again tomorrow! Then all will be normal again and you’ll be out of your delusional realm. It’s ok to be different seen but not heard that’s what Hollywood is all about my entertainment! God can help you!! Just ask Him! I will keep you in my prayers Sir!!

    De Niro is a deviant degenerate. His feeble mind most likely thinks that he is a Mafia Don. Perhaps the Schfuso is. Many Hollywood actors (Schfusi) are probably commies. Where is the House Committee on Un-American Activities when we need it?


    And your a clown wirh no acting skills advacating for a third world party whos only moral practice is that which makes you the most money, anyone against our president trump literally have zero integrity and zero intelligence

    No more De Niro movies for me. Any actor or actress who does not stand behind our president i will not see in movies or Tv shows anymore. Wake up America and stop supporting them by boycotting movies and Tv shows they are in..

    Hey DeNiro….I mean Demented… what you need is to shut your trap because it’s full of shit with no substance. Trump wins easy in 2020 because he’s for the American people and jerks like you in Hollywood make no difference with your opinions. I’m ashamed that you’re of Italian descent and like you in the Raging Bull the Dem’s will take it on the chin again. Hey Bob did you see haw many are running for President 24, maybe you can be the star in the next box office loser “the Dirty Double Dozen”.

    Dang, The lengths a “has been” will go to get himself attention. You were a paid person to recite someone else’s lines, not even your own. Illusions of grandeur is the only thing you are able to see anymore since your glory days. Presidents whether you like them or not, are to be respected. Period. I was totally disgusted with some of our past presidents, but it does not give me the right or anyone else the right to bash that office or who is in it. You Sir, are an idiot.

    Hey piss ant hang yourself, maybe we can find someone who killed Mussolini by his feet and do the same to you .Pathetic little no brains little boy ,can’t call you a man little boy go play with yourself.

    I think its funny how Hollywood movies and TV shows have made them rich and famous ,yet they tell US we all have to live equal .President Trump is bringing back a strong America ,safer America ,and these bozos think their popularity is gonna change our opinions about that !Every time I hear one of these ELITE people talk ,I wonder from which mansion are they speaking from ? Many many American struggle daily just to pay bills ,President Trump has tried to help us out by giving us tax breaks .They wanna say hes helping out the rich and yet so many of them are rich so what are they complaining about ?

    Sorry you are such a whiney assed little bitch. But anyone who supported Hillary has NOTHING to say about anyone else; on ANY front.

    Well, his brain is obviously as old as he looks. He cannot see the good things that this president has done. Keep reading scripts because your own words are shallow.

    Another Hollywood washed up has been still living in one of his make believe movie roles and still thinks he’s revalant.

    Someday you will meet GOD , then you will confess your sins but it will be to late ,Trump confessed his sins so no matter what you say about Trump,GOD IS PROTECTING TRUMP AS THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE PRAYED AND GOD SENT A BUSINESS man to clean up the mess OBMAMA AND THE GANG LEFT !!!!!!!!!!! GROOVES SO DEEP IN THE FLOOR WHERE HE KNELT AND PRAYED TO MAHUMMED ,ISLAMS god who is dead unlike our GOD WHOS ALIVE AND INTERCEDING FOR US CHRISTIANS and making a home in HEAVEN FOR US !!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE YOU SHOULD REPENT OF YOUR SINS !!!!!!!!!!!

    This Hollywood fuck tard supports the democratic devils that raise our taxes, steal our money, give billions away, let illegals poor in and let in our country our home foreigners swear in on a Koran, this is where the shit stops, pelosi should get her fucking head examined for allowing it we can’t go to another country and swear in on the Bible, De Niro needs to just needs to disappear along with all the other talk shows that are always bashing the potus…

    De Nero all your cheating ,and getting paid to act like something your not, is about to slap you right into your face.
    Don’t “ Tread on me” punk!

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