Trump Beats Pelosi’s Impeachment Bluff – Turns Out She Probably Doesn’t Have The Votes, Cancels Formal Vote

Trump Beats Pelosi’s Impeachment Bluff – Turns Out She Probably Doesn’t Have The Votes, Cancels Formal Vote

Nancy played chicken – and just lost to ‘The Donald.’

Pelosi has been backing an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. Her allies have even subpoenaed White House staff—all to find dirt on the president.

But last week, Trump called Pelosi’s bluff. In a letter, he brutally condemned House Democrats’ impeachment push.

He called them out for refusing to hold a vote in the full House over it. In fact, he said he and his staff will not comply until the entire House voted in favor of the inquiry.

Well, it looks like Nancy has made up her mind.

From Biz Pac Review:

The California Democrat confirmed to reporters on Tuesday that “at this time,” an official vote on the House impeachment inquiry was not going to be held.

“She doesn’t have the votes,” Fox News host Sean Hannity announced following reports of Pelosi’s comments.

What do ya know? Nancy Pelosi was about to have full House vote on impeachment but quickly changed direction.

She told reporters that “at this time,” they would not be voting on the House impeachment inquiry.

Really, Nance? You do realize that every impeachment in our history began with at least a vote on an inquiry.

How can you honestly run this process—which will affect every American—without at least letting the entire House vote on it?

This is a democracy after all. Why deny the House a chance to approve it?

Perhaps, as Hannity stated, she just doesn’t have the votes.

Maybe, just maybe, she had the votes right when the whistleblower complaint came out. When the media frenzy was at its highest, she probably could have gotten all Democrats to vote on the inquiry.

But now, as we learn that the whistleblower’s complaint was less than accurate, that might not be the case.

There are more than a few Democrats in red, Trump-loving states. They are vulnerable, big time. If they vote to back impeachment in any form, they might lose their jobs.

If Pelosi held a vote today, many of those Democrats might vote no.

What does that tell you about voting to actually impeach the president? I think a snowball would have a better chance in Hell.

Now Pelosi’s in a big pickle. President Trump hasn’t changed his stance. He won’t provide anything until the House holds a vote.

Can Schiff and co. even get anything done? Probably not.

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Source: Biz Pac Review

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